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Sit back, Relax, Hold on to your seats, and enjoy some incredible Circus Videos.

The Aerial Voltiges – Flying Trapeze at Circus Festival in Monte Carlo



High Wire artists, the Flying Wallendas of the United States at 2004 Monte Carlo Circus Festival


Elephants in Thailand


Tiger Act in the United States


Circus Sea Lions


Performing Horses at Circus Knie in Switzerland


The Hadi Shrine Circus Elephants

Mud Bay Jugglers from Canada


Moscow Circus Aerialists

1986 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Opening Spec.


Duo MInasov – Quick Change Artists


Thrill to the airborne acrobats of the Flying trapeze, daring and talented aerialists, the gifted artists of the high wire, those funny Circus Clowns and the incredible circus animals you have loved for years in these fascinating video clips of some of the most higly skilled Circus Performers around the world. Never before seen footage of acts from Europe, Asia, the United States and others are here for your viewing pleasure. Sit down and stay awhile as the Videos available at get ready to entertain you.