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America’s Elephants, a new e-book by Bob Cline, is now at The Circus World LLC.

The titanic, lumbering giants of the animal world have crossed the United States for over 200 years. The Circus World LLC is proud to exclusively carry this new e-Book.

Cheraw, S.C. June 28, 2009, – The Circus World LLC is proud to offer the Amazing new e-book by Bob Cline entitled “America’s Elephants.” It is now available at as an easy to read e-book format.

   The elephants that we know all about have been crossing the United States for over two hundred years now. While everyone recognizes an elephant, most don’t know a lot of details about an animal this size or that there are three different species of elephants.

   America’s Elephants tells the great story of elephants that walked from Maine to South Carolina and rode the rails from New York to California. This amazing new book will feed your knowledge about their appetites, their physical make-ups and their behaviors.

   The e-Book covers the gigantic Jumbo, the rare and regal, Royal White Elephants from Burma, Zoological displays and development, the Circus and the Elephants, Breeding and Care, brief biographies of some of the greatest animal caregivers this world has ever known, tales of a few massive marvels of the mammal world, Organizations and Museums that preserve and protect these animals legacies, and scientific knowledge.

   You’ll find full color and black and white illustrations from newspaper cut outs to the huge colorful pageantry of the Circus Billboards by artists and printing styles that were magnificent in all their glory.

   Bob Cline is a published author covering Circus and Carnival related stories. Having published the History of the Cetlin and Wilson Carnival from 1928 to 1968 in the Carnival Midway and the Campbell Bros. Great Consolidated Shows story in the Circus Historical Society’s periodical the Bandwagon, Bob has also authored several articles through the internet media sources.

   Get this terrific new book called America’s Elephants at the Circus Super Store today.


The new Taschen Circus calendars for 2009 are now at The Circus World LLC.


TASCHEN Publishing is known world wide for their high quality printings on various subjects. The Circus World LLC is proud to offer all of their 2009 Circus Calendars as well as the huge 670 page book entitled “The Circus 1870 – 1950”.


Cheraw, S.C. Sept. 17, 2008 – The Circus World LLC is proud to offer the Amazing new oversize 670 page book by Taschen Publishing entitled “The Circus 1870 – 1950”. It is now available at along with the three different calendars for 2009 based on the books content.


These colorful calendars are sure to become collector’s items very soon. There are three different calendars available that are all based on the huge book from Taschen Publishing. The simple wall hanging calendar is 24 laminated pages with colorful circus photos from the books content. See Circus Performers, tents, and Circus Animals alike.


The tear off desk calendar is a beautiful creation in a plastic pad to last all year. There are 640 pages that will peel off every day for your scheduling and viewing pleasure with color circus pictures from the Taschen Book.


The third calendar is a wire “O” ring bound date book with 124 pages in it. There are plenty of Circus photos of Circus Performers, wagons, tents, and other circus themes.


The incredible oversized book is 670 pages long with 200 Lithographed images from the Strobridge Litho Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Artists, Collectors, and Circus Historians considered them to be the finest creator of Circus Posters and Lithographs in the United States. There are black and white photos, engravings, and about 180 of the very first color photos taken of the circus from the 1940’s.


The book is so fascinating in the never before seen photos that people are saying the circus photos are worth the price of the book by themselves. “It’s a joy for any Circus Lover to own.” The L.A. Times said “The Circus 1870 – 1950 is an under the Big Top survey of one of America’s least examined chapters of Cultural history.”


For a couple photos, complete description of the Calendars and books contents, and the bios of the Authors and Editors go to



The Circus World LLC announces the New release of TV’s Super Circus on DVD

Cheraw, SC, United States, Nov. 17, 2008 – The amazing TV show from the 1950’s is back again in DVD format at Super Circus was the premier Show to be on for Circus artists during the 1950’s and early 1960’s.






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