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The Outdoor Amusement Business Association is grateful to your ever lasting donations. As a symbol of thier appreciation, each donor recieves this years lapel pin featuring a camel. Contact information is above.



Key Circus Producers

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Paul Ingrassia on behalf of the OABA


Carson Barnes Circus owner Barbara Byrd responded affirmatively to the request by her daughter Kristen Byrd Parra to underwrite the initial costs of The Outdoor Amusement Business of America, the OABA, Circus Animal Fund’s fund-raising costs. Further Barbara called her old friend and competitor, circus legend himself and owner of Cole Bros Circus, Johnny Pugh and asked for his help for half the money. John, like Barbara, said an enthusiastic yes. As the cost of art, production, support pieces and shipping ranges into the hundreds of dollars, the gesture by these two historic circus owners, set a very positive tone for this year’s effort by the OABA to accrue money to be used only in their effort to keep performing circus animals as part of shows and exhibitions all over the country.


Kristen Parra is a member of OABA’s Board of Directors and was recently elected to fill the empty spot which showman Bob Commerford had covered for the maximum allowed number of terms (ten years). Also on the OABA board and soon to become that organization’s president, is Wayne McCary, President/CEO of the Eastern States Exposition, the Big E. The quick and unanimous support provided by these prominent circus producers suggests that not only will this year’s campaign get a generous financial beginning but also perhaps that other circus producers, performers and supporters will join in helping to construct a adequate fund to oppose the very well financed efforts of those who oppose the use of animals, especially exotics, in the circus and exhibition businesses.


The challenges in the U.S. by PETA and state regulatory agencies this year seem particularly difficult. Agencies such as New York’s DEC have now required prohibitions on elephant “public contact” and elephant rides. Elephant rides have been going on for some 40 years in that state, without a single patron being injured while riding on an elephant. Similar difficulties in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Georgia and Illinois, speak to the need for those efforts in which the OABA works very hard to resist.



We all know, much of this is about the enourmous amount of money that organizations like PETA collect and distribute. The additional emotional opposition that they can create poses frequent incorrect and misguided opposition to a form of entertainment that is ageless. The perception that most people have when attending a circus is that they will see skilled people and animals, especially elephants, cats, horses, dogs, entertain them. They are not informed or aware of the diversions that prompt discomforting ads, pamphlets and pickets. It appears that neither patrons, fans or even circus owners know that the actual number of active opponents is a long way away from those numbers, which  professionally created literature and advertising, would imply.


The point obviously is, we need you to help! We are effective! We do interact and work with other organizations dedicated to this cause and we align ourselves with the Ringling/Feld organization.We also retain attorney Joan Galvin, head of the Animal Exhibitor’s Alliance and others professionals to assist us when possible. Keeping exotic, performing animals in circuses and petting zoos and attractions requires finance, organized support and continual monitoring. You may be assured that the OABA reacts whenever and wherever it is able.


In the past several years we have used a pin depicting a circus animal as the symbol of our efforts. This year, a circus staple, the camel will be the badge that suggests, “I care and I helped.” Send a check to; OABA Circus Fund, 1035 S. Semoran Blvd. #1045A, Winter Park, FL. 32792.



Rockford, Illinois….July 4, 2008