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Set # 800 – Hagenbeck-Wallace – 16 photos

This is a set of 16 black and white photos that were taken by Don Smith on the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus in 1922. These are now part of the huge Conover Photographic collection.

Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus ticket wagon

Photo #          Description
300 Empty Spool Wagon
301 Empty Stringer Wagon
302 Generator wagon
303 Ticket Wagon
304 same as 303 – different angle
305 Lion and Gladiator in parade
306 Corner Statue cage
307 Large Cage in parade
308 Carved Tableau in parade
309 # 26 painted Tableau in Parade
310 Octagon Bird Cage in parade
311 Three section cage in parade
312 Harps and Jesters in Parade
313 Hagenbeck Lion Tab in Parade
314 cage pulled by 6 horses
315 Steam Calliope

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