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Set # 5 – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in WQ – 1950

This is a set of 26 black and white photos in the 4″ x 4″ format that were taken in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Sarasota, Florida winter Quarters by Dyer Reynolds in 1950 that is now part of the Conover Photographic collection.

Photo #                          Description
98 Spray painting seat wagons
99 Repairing seats on seat wagons
100 Seat wagon set up
101 Men preparing to stencill the lettering on the wagon 
102 sign painter using ponce to transfer stencil to wagon
103 Close-up poncing lower half
104 Close-up of finished poncing – ready to be painted
105 Stenciling Warning sign on # 141
106 Stenciling Danger sign on # 141
107 Painter painting black paint on tire
108 Frank McCloskey’s Office Car
109 Harness Buggies in paint shop
110 Qargantua’s cage being overhaule
111 Inside view of wagon shop
112 Red ticket wagon Inside shop
113 Advertising Car being painted in paint shop
114 Spray painting end of coach
115 Mrs, Charles Ringling’s Car, Caledonia
116 Workmen peeling stakes by hand, graveyard in back
117 Train crew rebuilding flat car end sill
118 Train crew repairing flat car floor
119 Boom Cat lowering a pair of wheels for flatcar
120 Train crew reading new wheels to be on flatcar
121 Observation Gar #60 (Randy)
122 Workman painting new run jacks,
123 Cat B-2 towing old coach #81, Arizona, along tracks

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