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Set # 44 – Ringling Winter Quarters – 20 photos in color

This is a 20 color print set that was taken in the Sarasota, Florida winter quarters of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1951. This is part of the well preserved Conover photographic collection.

Wagons outside

Photo #                                    Description
942 Baggage wagons beside a building
943 Ammo cages lined up beside plam trees
944 Stock cars being repainted
945 Midway diner and wagon being loaded on flats
946 Gargantua cage and Office # 123 being loaded on flats
947 String of loaded flats
948 Elephants being loaded into stock cars
949 String of loaded flats
950 Parade going in town
951 Blue Big top up – bad exposure on print
952 WQ buildings- aerial shot w/ Blue Big Top in background
953 Rehearsals underway in outdoor arena
954 Horse blankets on rails to air out
955 Sleeper # 58
956 Novelty joint beside Giraffe pens
957 Elephant being walked in practice ring
958 Wagon loaded with Hay
959 Rehearsals underway in outdoor arena
960 Horses being cleaned and groomed
961 Liberty horses precticing in front of crowd

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