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Set # 434 – RBBB WQ – 18 photos

This is a set of 18 – 4″ x 4″ black and White photos taken at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus winter quarters in Sarasota, Fl. in 1947. These are part of the Conover Photographic collection.

Sarasota WQ

Photo #                      Description
6175 Main Entrance sign
6176 Guard Shanty at gates
6177 Long 3 story building
6178 Outdoor arena
6179 Liberty Bell Bandwagon outside of a building
6180 Aerial view shows train, wagons and buildings
6181 Harness Dept. building
6182 Paint Dept. Building
6183 Electrical Dept. Building
6184 Properties Department Building
6185 Canvas Storage building
6186 Pullman Supplies Building
6187 Alfred Court cages and shifting dens
6188 Aerial view shows some buildings
6189 Aerial view shows some buildings
6190 Building w/ flagpole
6191 Giraffe outside in pen
6192 Veterinary Department building


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