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Set # 346 – Tim McCoy Wild West – 18 photos

This is a set of 18 Black and White photos of the Tim McCoy Wild West Show that were taken in Dayton, Ohio by George Hubler. These are part of the Conover collection.

Tim McCoy

Photo #                     Description
1 Marquee
2 Baggage wagons
3 Light Plants
4 Baggage wagons   
5 Cookhouse tent, Boiler wagon
6 Mack truck, tents
7 Tents
8 Loaded Flatcars
          Washington D.C. Auction
9 Coaches
10 Baggage wagons on flats
11 Baggage wagons on flats
12 Ticket wagon on Flats
13 Auctioneer
14 Baggage wagons on flats
15 Stringer wagon
16 Close-up of Running gear
17 Pole wagon # 80
18 Close-up of rear running gear

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