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Set # 296 – Gollmar Bros. Circus – 31 Photos

This is a set of 31 black and white photos of the Gollmar Bros. Circus in 1913. These are from the Kenneth Whipple collection. Many of you know, the Gollmar bros. were cousins of the Ringling Bros. and hailed from Baraboo, Wisconsin as well. These photos are now part of the vast Conover Photographic Collection.

Gollmar Bros. Circus cage

Photo #                                      Description
37 Gollmar Mirror bandwagon in parade, mirrors are arranged differently
38 Carved cross cage w/ 2 horses in parade
39 Seal cage
41 Elephants in backyard, one doing hind leg stand
50 Baby elephant walking the bottles
51 Cage # 53, closed, in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
52 Closed cage in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
53 Diamond Mirror Tab # 49 w/ 4 horse hitch
55 Carved Tab in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
58 Cage in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
60 Cage in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
61 Carved Tableau # 25 in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
63 Carved Cage in parade w/ 4 horse hitch
64 Elephant 2 leg stand w/ woman on head
65 Cage # 53 on lot ( open )
66 Three women riders in parade
67 Cage ( open ) w/ lion and trainer inside
68 Police Patrol, 2 pony hitch, clown cart pulled by mule in parade
72 Cross cage in parade
77 Hippo cage w/ 8 horse hitch
78 Cage in parade w/ 2 women on top
79 Steam Calliope in parade w/ 6 horse hitch
80 Elephants in Parade
81 # 2 Bandwagon in Parade
88 Elephant pushing cage inside menagerie
89 Unlaoding cage off of train
102 Horse trainer and horse w/ 3 tableaus in back
104 Horse trainer and horse lying down w/ 3 tableaus in back
116 Horse trainer and horse on pedestal w/ 3 tableaus in back
131 Small Tableau in parade w/ 6 pony hitch
148 Four Mounted riders in front of Diamond Mirror Tab
150 Draft Horses on lot

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