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Set # 285 – Barnum & Bailey – 15 photos

This is a terrific set of photos of parade wagons, lot scenes and life on the Barnum & Bailey Circus from various years that were part of the Kenneth Whipple collection. These are all part of the enormous Conover Photographic collection now.

 Golden Age of Chivalry

Photo #                               Description
100 Two Hemisphere BW w/ 24 horse hitch
101 Egypt tab in Parade – front angle view
102 Golden Age of Chivalry
103 Carved Organ in parade – former Buffalo Bill wagon
104 Asia Tab in Parade
105 Siam Tabbefore parade
106 Europe Tab before parade
107 Siam Tab before parade – horses have blankets on them
108 Stakedriver – single unit
109 Stakedriving crew at work
110 Lady bareback rider
111 Big Topon fire
112 Press Agentsinside Press tent
113 Concession stand inside menagerie
114 Side Show Bannerline

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BW May 2011