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Set # 16 – RBBB in WQ – 25 photos

This is a set of 25 black and white photos taken by Dyer Reynolds in the Sarasota Winter quarters in 1952 that are now part of the Conover collection.

Two Bannerline wagons

Photo #                        Description
325 Two side show bannerline wagons #116 & #120
326 Side show bannerline wagon #120 set-up
327 Side show bannerline wagon #119 set-up
328 Side show bannerline wagons set-up, from back side
329 Shifting cage wagon, used for transferring wild animals
330 Seat wagon, folded, no seats
331 Seat wagon, folded, with chairs
332 Seat wagon, folded, general admission
333 Seat wagon, semi opened, chairs
334 Seat wagon, folded, stringers up in front, no chairs
335 Aerial view showing some seat wagons & buildings
336 Seat wagon & Qtr Pole Wagon #44
337 Stage coach
338 Harps and Jesters Air calliope
339 Bell Wagon
340 Spec float
341 Four ticket wagons set up
342 Big top laid out on ground
343 Loading Pole Wagon #43 onto flat
344 Loading Baggage Wagon #105 onto flat
345 Loaded flat cars, seat wagons
346 Coaches & advertising car
347 Coach & loaded flat cars with seat wagons
348 Coaches and loaded flats with seat wagons
349 Rail yard with train taken from on top of Stock car

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