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Set # 14 – 20 Photos from the filming of The Greatest Show on Earth

This is a set of 20 black and white photos taken in 1951 by Dyer Reynolds while the movie “The Greatest Show on Earth” was being filmed. This is a combination of 8 – 4″ x 4″ photos and 12 – 4″ x 6″ photos. These are all part of the incredible Conover photographic collection.

Charlton Heston on the set of the Greatest Show on Earth.

Photo #                     Description
266 Betty Hutton & Gloria Grahame
267 Charlton Heston
268 Camera crew & C. B. DeMille
269 James Stewart & C. B. DeMille
270 James Stewart beside Mack truck # 235
271 Movie cast setting up for next scene
272 Camera crew in backyard
273 Dorothy Lamour in Wardrobe
274 Performers walking in street, camera and crew in street
275 Spec float, Moonlight Melodies
276 Spec float, American Beauty
277 Cat #B-3, draft horses & Elephants in street
278 Merle Evans & band on wagon pulled by elephants
279 Bell Wagon pulled by k horses
280 Harp & Jesters  Air Calliope
281 Crowd following elephants
282 Cage #95 with boards tied to bars for parade after wreck
283 Close-up of cage #95 carved scroll
284 Camera crew at the coach scene, enter Cornel Wilde
285 Loaded flats, 2 cages & baggage wagons

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