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Set # 1103 – Beatty-Cole WQ – 14 photos

This is a set of 14 color photos taken at the Deland, Florida winter quarters of the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus in 1983 by Al Conover.

Circus Trucks

Photo #                      Description
1 Truck being worked on at shop building
2 old show trucks in field
3 old show trucks in field
4 old show trucks in field
5 Bleacher seat wagon truck
6 Dave Hoover’s animal cages and truck
7 Dave Hoover’s animal cages and truck
8 Working on seat truck
9 Show trucks lined up – # 30, # 62, etc.
10 Show trucks lining the driveway in
11 Office Trailer at front of WQ
12 Old Fairgrounds building
13 Muddy road w/ trucks and elephants in view
14 Elephants staked outside


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