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Circus Programs

The Circus World LLC is always offering a wide variety of circus programs for your pleasure. Remember the way it was when you were there last and see some of the amazing performers that thrilled you and made you laugh one more time. Our available programs are changing all the time so check back often.

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Circus Royale – Circus of Illusion

Circus Royale Program

This show was produced by John McConnell. There is no date to be found in the Program.



1932 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus

1932 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Program

There is some discoloration on the front cover as seen in this photo.



1936 Martin Bros. Circus

1936 Martin Bros. Circus Program

This program is very unique in that it has several different shows included inside such as Seils-Sterling’s program.



1937 Barnes Bros. Circus

1937 Barnes Bros. Circus Program



1937 Cole Bros. Circus w/ Clyde Beatty and Ken Maynard

1937 Cole Bros. Circus Program



 1938 Al G. Barnes and Sells-Floto Circus

1938 Al G. Barnes and Sells-Floto Circus Program



1946 – 101 Ranch Wild West Circus

1946 - 101 Ranch Wild West Circus Program



Al Sirat Grotto Circus – 1947


This 1947 program includes Clyde Beatty, the Cristiani family, Milt Herriot, Hubert Castle, and the Cole Bros. Circus elephants with “Arky” Scott.



1946 Dailey Bros. Circus

1948 Dailey Bros. Circus Program



1954 King Bros. Circus

1954 King Bros. Circus Program



1954 Bailey Bros. and Cristiani Circus

1954 Bailey Bros. and Cristiani Circus Program



1978 Sarasota Sailor Circus

1978 Sailor Circus Program



1977 and 1980 TNT and Royal Olympic Circus Programs

TNT & Royal Olypmic Circus Programs

$4.00  for Both        


1990 Allan C. Hill’s Great American Circus

1990 Great American Circus Program



1991 Allan C. Hill’s Great American Circus

1991 Great American Circus Program



1994 Showfolks of Sarasota Yearbook

1994 Showfolks Yearbook



1996 Chinese Imperial Circus

1996 Chinese Imperial Circus Program

This fabulous piece of Circus History is from the 1996 season of the Carson & Barnes Circus 2nd unit, the Chinese Imperial Circus.


Circus Programs were a huge part of your circus day that told the story in photographs and breiefs about the stars of the show, the running order and what to expect as the magic of the circus unfolded before your very eyes. This helped to make a part of the great excitment of the circus when it arrived in your town. These are all one of a kind collectibles and rememberances. This page changes items frequently as items are usually irreplaceable. You’ll find a huge collection of assorted show titles from various years in our Circus Programs all at