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Circus Music

The blaring brass and thundering tempos of the Circus Music brought the Circus to a whole new dimension with soft waltzes and magnificient Marches to fill our hearts with a sound never to be forgotten.

The Windjammers Unlimited 2 CD Set with Merle Evans

The New England Conservatory Circus Band, Conducted by Merle Evans

A remarkable 2 CD anthology containing 43 circus music gems as recorded by the New England Conservatory Circus Band featuring Harvey Phillips. Originally recorded in 1970 and released on LP records, the sensational band is conducted on these recording by Merle Evans himself. Includes an informative 16 page booklet with information about the music and performers. This outstanding 2 CD set has been produced through the cooperation of the New England Conservatory, the Windjammers Unlimited and Walking Frog Records. A must hear for all circus music enthusiasts!

$19.99 each


Merle Evans and his Famous Concert Band

1. Triumphal March (The Grand Entry)

2. The Walking Frog (Used For Performing Seals)

3. Embossing The Emblem (Performers On The Trampoline)

4. The Booster (Music Accompanying The Unforgettable Clowns)

5. International Vaudeville (The Acrobats On The High Pole)

6. Dusty Trombone (Music At The Intermission)

7. Gallito (Three Rings For The Horses)

8. Thunder And Lightning (Acrobats With Feats Of Strength)

9. Siamese Parade (The Jugglers Perform)

10. Valse Bleue (The Flying Trapeze Acts)

11. The Southerner (The Tent Is Made A Fairyland Of Clowns)

12. Walsenburg Galop (The Grand Exit With Chariots Galloping Around The Big Top)

$9.99 each           



The Washington Winds conducted by Edward Petersen

Incomparable recordings of 25 all-time circus favorites performed to absolute perfection by the exceptional Washington Winds. The arrival of the greatest show on earth to town was always the highlight of every child’s year. These recordings will help you feel like you’re back “under the big top”.

$14.95 each          


This album includes the following great Circus marches:

In Storm And Sunshine , Whip And Spur Invictus, The Big Cage, Bones Trombone, Them Basses, The Circus Bee, The Screamer, Thunder And Blazes, Robinson’s Grand Entree, Circus Days, Bombasto, The Squealer, Rolling Thunder, Bennett’s Triumphal, Bravura, Bugles And Drum, Illinois March, Children’s March, The Interlochen Bowl, Onward-Upward, Boy Scouts Of America , Americans We Officer Of The Day March Second Regiment, Connecticut National Guard March, The Mad Major Guadalcanal March

$11.98 each                         


Richard Whitmarsh and the South Shore Concert Band



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The Circus concert band was a mainstay of every performance. Many of the vintage circus performances included a concert by the band before the show with bands as large as 50 and 60 piece units. Even the lesser known shows carried 10 to 20 musicians in the Big Top band. Enjoy the incredibly thrilling sounds of the blaring brass, pounding percussion, and waltzing serenades from Merle Evans and his famous concert band, Frederick Fennell and the Eastman Wind Ensemble and Richard Whitmarsh and the South Shore Concert Band who continue to record, rehearse and perform throughout this great land of ours. Find all your Circus Music needs at