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Circus Memorabilia

You’ll find a wide variety of circus equipment, programs, contracts, letterheads and much more that was used on actual Circus Day in our town, America.



Chrome plated Aerial Act Steel Crane Bar

This steel crane bar is 47″ long. It includes the two clevis for the black and tackle pull up. The chains on each end were used to attach the rope ladder at one end and for the hooks to hold the rings at the other end of the bar. The cradle then snapped on the bottom welded loops of this crane bar. Last used in the 1970′s, it has been wrapped and in the barn ever since. The steel that was used to make this had some blemishes and they show up in the second photo but the chrome plating is great.




 Seats from the Mills Bros. Circus

You are buying 11 original flip up seats off of a Mills Bros. Seatwagon. I picked these up in the junk yard in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1974 and they have been in the barn ever since. My father has re-finished four of them. 7 are untouched. I am also giving you a 12th frame that has no seat plank on it. In addition, there is one piece of the Mills Bros. Circus ringcurb in the barn also. It’s not great but it’s authentic. The entire lot must be picked up in Sandusky, Ohio. Sorry no shipping on this.

$50.00 for the group.


You are buying three aluminum poles that were used in a Circus Side Show top. The pole is 20 ft. long, the bottom is sealed, there is a 3/4 in. diameter hole for the tie off pin 12 1/2 in. from bottom of pole, pole diameter is 3 1/2 in., the wall thickness is 3/8 in. There is no Pin on top. These used a cap that slid over the pole. Carson & Barnes big top center poles use the same type cap design. This cap has the loops for the block and tackle to attach to and the pin going through the top as well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the caps. These have been in the barn for about 12 years now. I need to clean out the place. The Buyer will have to pick-up in Sandusky, Ohio. No Shipping on this one.

$400.00 for all three.

 30′ x 30′ Anchor Tent Frame and other parts

Many of you are familiar with the Anchor Industries Tent frame style. This all pins together to make a completely open tent on the inside with no center pole in the way. I’m selling this complete 30′ x 30 tent frame. The four side poles come with it also. You will need to get four corner poles. I am also including the rails and eves for a 10′ x 10′ Anchor top. I used the corners off the big frame for this small top. As a result, I cut the corners down 6″ for the sidewall on the smaller top. The larger top uses a taller sidewall. There is only one center ring, 4 corners to pin the frame to and 4 center pieces for the frame that the pole goes to. You would need another center ring and four corner assemblies to use both tops at the same time. There is no canvas. All the angle braces are there but I believe two of them have a broken end from a bad storm I was in with the small 10 x 10 top.  This entire group must be picked up in Sandusky, Ohio. Check with Anchor if you like. This is a steal at this price.

$1200.00 for entire group.

Collection of Circus Letterheads and Envelopes

King Bros. ColeCheck out our always changing collection of Circus letterheads by clicking here.




Circus Memorabilia or artifacts are items of original Circus equipment and emphemra. We present to you a fantastic opportunity to collect, obtain, use, and preserve actual Circus Memorabilia. These original Circus Artifacts were used on a daily basis to help move the circus, present the shows, promote the shows, programs to tell you about the circus and miscellaneous other items that all made the circus a part of the great excitment when it arrived in your town. These are all one of a kind collectibles and artifacts. This page changes items frequently as items are usually irreplaceable. You’ll find real Circus Equipment, Circus Performers Costumes, Contracts, letterheads, Circus Programs all at




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