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“America’s Elephants”

The new book by Bob Cline is a complete and factual understanding of these magnificent animals that lumber across this great land of ours. The Circus has been blessed to have the mighty titans aboard as they promoted and performed to the delight of throngs of people every day.

The book covers all aspects of the elephants in America from the first arrivals over two hundred years ago, to what kind of elephant is it, what do they eat, Zoos, retirement, Breeding of an endangered species, the sacred White Elephants, the amazing people who have cared for them, some of the most famous elephants, Jumbo, and the tragedies that have befell them.

The book contains 133 pages and utilizes over 50,000 words. The book also provides many Black and White Photos, Color Photos, Newspaper ads and full color posters.

The book will be offered right here for your historical and entertainment delight as an online e-Book only. Available for immediate download.

On Sale Now! – $9.95

$1.00 of each purchase is donated to the OABA Animal Fund!( At the completion of your payment, you will see a return to the Circus World LLC bar. This takes you to the book. )