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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, step right up to the Magical Mystical World of Mirth and Mayhem, Danger and Excitement, Thrills, Spills, and Chills, Blaring Bands and Fanciful Films as The Circus World LLC brings you a Circus shoppers paradise.

Featured this Month!

Brand New Creation from The Circus World LLC!

1/4″ scale Warren Flatcars

Warren Flat CarThese kits are designed and produced by The Circus World LLC. They are made out of Styrene to give that great steel look to your model with a wooden deck. ( Wheels and Couplers are not included )

$ 25.00 each   


Scale Model detail parts

Milk Cans

 Are you wanting to add some detail to your display? Go to Circus Model Parts for Feed sacks, sledge hammers, Milk Cans, wooden barrels, ladders and more.


Our Concession Stand is always open!

24″ Sponge Bob Square Pants inflatable


$ 5.00 each   

$36.00 dozen  

You can find plenty more party prizes on our Novelties Page


Circus by Noel Daniels / Taschen

Originally published as a huge coffee table type book and priced at nearly $200.00, this is the 2012 English version re-print without all of the foreign language text. There are 386 pages. There are some incredibly rare photographs included in this book. This is a book you’ll enjoy over and over again.

 $44.99 each               


Summer Special – over 1700 photos

 This is a terrific gift for any circus fan, circus historian, circus model builder, performer or otherwise that loved the old railroad shows. You are getting a Hagenbeck-Wallace package with 7 different CDs filled with photos, some poster images and billing stands of one of the circus giants. There are over 1700 images on 7 different albums all digitally captured on CDs for your viewing pleasure. You can print any photo, make enlargements of them, you can use Adobe to enlarge them, crop them, change the color settings etc. This is far less than 10cents an image. This is an incredible deal.

$125.00 for the 7 CDs                  


Hagenbeck-Wallace and the

John Robinson Circus – CD # 9

      This photo album has 424 Black and White photos on a CD. It is compiled in two parts with the first section being the Carl Hagenbeck Trained Animal Circus and the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. The second part is of the John Robinson Circus. The group of photos that make up this album were collected from some of the great circus fans of their time such as Bob Good, P.M. McClintock collection, Eddie Jackson, Marion Organ, F.A. Norton and others.



Hagenbeck-Wallace Album #64



You are receiving a Computer CD with over 225 black and white photos from the 1937 and 1938 seasons of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. The photos include a lot of wagons, some train photos, performers and the featured act in 1938, Blacaman, the animal Hypnotist. This has been collected over the years from other circus fans. Photos included come from Hugh McGill, Joe Heiser, Jr., Gordon Borders, Tom Duncan and some that are not marked who the photographer was.




Sells-Floto Album # 25



     Included in Album # 25 are over three hundred fifty photos of the Sells-Floto Circus over the years. These have been collected from various individuals over 50 years and now create a treasure trove of circus history. Many of them fall in the Very hard to find category. This is not your average collection.


 $34.95 each     




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